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CEP Inc.
PO Box 61114
Columbia, SC  29260-1114
P: 803.252.9018
F: 803.252.0777



What industries do you work in?
Food & Drug
Property management

What is your average turn-around time for a response to a problem?
Immediately (depending on the nature of the issue)

Do you still provide staff augmentation?
Absolutely.  We have many skilled consultants available for staff augmentation.

How long have you been in business?
Since 1989

What are the advantages of being in business for so long?
Allows our networking ability to exceed competitors

Are you insured?
We provide liability insurance that far exceeds most standards or expectations.

Isn’t it cheaper to go off-shore?

If all you need is a programmer for hire and security is not an issue, then yes, it could be cheaper to go off shore. If you need business expertise with creative solutions, CEP is your answer.

How many offices do you have?

CEP believes in “single firm” management.  Rather than creating high overheads by serving clients exclusively from branch offices spread all over the country, CEP chooses to keep management in close collaboration in a single central location from which we can use travel and technology to project expertise wherever it is needed globally.  Our teams of professionals working at your location have immediate access to our knowledge base and methodologies from our headquarters without having to sort through which branch office is managing the account.  Of course the savings and consistency this consolidated approach creates is passed directly to our clients.  With a centralized office in Columbia, we travel to see all of our clients. This allows us to keep our margins down and remain cost-competitive.

Do you have the depth of skills I need?

We have one of the largest qualified SAP resource pools in the country. It is likely that we have a highly experienced professional available to meet whatever need you have.

What’s your availability to clients?
We’re available 24/7 and with our proprietary CRM software, we are able to stay focused so that everyone is up to date with events in our client base at all times.  All key staff carries mobile email (Blackberry®) and cell phones at all times.




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